George Rogerson Clinic



Wednesday 17th April 2024 – 8.30am til 5pm approx


Suffolk Showground, Trinity Park, IP3 8UH

Lunch Provided & Hot Drinks

Shoemaking and Shoeing with George Rogerson

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Ticket Type

Member, Non-Member, Apprentice

Dietary Requirements / Allergies

No, Yes (You will let us know)


Tickets are non-refundable, but you may transfer to another person, please let us know if you wish to do this.

Flame On Media bears no financial responsibility for the tickets, and for clarity, are receiving no financial gain from doing so. The arrangement between the British Farriers and Blacksmith Association and Flame On Media is purely convenience of an active website with a suitable payment gateway. All funds go directly to the BFBA Eastern Branch bank account.

Here is an email address monitored by the Eastern Counties Chairman (Stephen Britten)

Alternatively, please ring head office to appease any concerns on Call: 024 7669 6595 or fill out the contact form


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